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SFJH Robotics State Teams

Congratulations to the SFJH Robotics Team as they have been competing in tournaments over the last few weeks.  There have been two teams win 1st place and both have been invited to participate in the the Robotics State Tournament.

This past Saturday, 5 teams participated in a robotics tournament with a total of 51 teams in the tournament.  They completed 144 qualifying matches in the teamwork challenge and they finished 3rd, 4th, 6th, 10th, and 14th which put all 5 teams in the finals.  The SFJH Robotics Teams finished 8th, 3 of them tied for 4th, and 1st place out of the top 18 teams. The first place team won the teamwork challenge and the Skills Award and also qualified for the state tournament! 

Team Members of Team H – “Work in Progress” include: Madalyn Dreamer, Hunter Russell, Zane Murff, Alison Torres.

Robotics Final Team 2

On Saturday January 18th, 5 teams from the SFJH Robotics Team competed in a tournament with a total of 29 teams. All of the teams did an amazing job and represented Santa Fe very well! Two of the teams finished in the top 10, which then took them to the finals.  One of the teams finished 4th and the other team came in 1st place as well as winning the teamwork championship award! 

Team members of Team D - "DEPZ" include: Lane Villarreal, Gauge Nelson, Charles Adams, Ethan Oliver, and Natalie Bradford.  

Robotics Team 1

The SFJH Robotics Teacher/Coach is Kayla Platt.  Congratulations and good luck to both teams as they represent Santa Fe in the State Tournament, which will be held at Learner Support Center CCISD, 2903 Falcon Pass, Houston, TX 77062 on February 28-29, 2020.