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SFISD Tax Information Response (June 2020)

SFISD Tax Information Response (June 2020):

Santa Fe ISD will be adopting its 2020-2021 budget and tax rate at the June Board meeting. 

In response to the following information posted on Facebook,  “This will mean a tax increase for SFISD property owners The incredible increase in property values is one piece of the puzzle… a tax increase by local elected officials is the second.”   

The SFISD tax rate for Maintenance & Operations did not increase for tax year 2020.  The SFISD tax rate for Maintenance & Operations decreased in tax year 2019 from $1.04 to .97cents, and the SFISD proposed tax rate for Maintenance and Operations will decrease from .97 cents to .9664 for tax year 2020. Property values are assigned by the Galveston Central Appraisal District. The SFISD Board of Trustees does not appraise property or issue property values.  The SFISD Board of Trustees adopts a tax rate for Maintenance & Operations and Interest and Sinking Funds based on guidelines from the Truth and Taxation notice issued by the Texas Comptroller’s office.  For some taxpayers, applying the decreased SFISD Maintenance & Operations tax rate on increased property values will result in higher property taxes.  Property taxes are frozen for over 65 and disabled.