Santa Fe Strong Memorial Fund  

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    Click to read the press release regarding the Education Foundation's partnership with the National Compassion Fund


    The Santa Fe Texas Education Foundation has partnered with the National Compassion Fund to grow the Santa Fe Strong Memorial Fund and to disburse the funds to the victims of the May 18 tragedy at Santa Fe High School.  The National Compassion Fund offers free assistance to communities across the nation dealing with similar circumstances because the process is legally and financially complicated.

    The next step is for the Santa Fe Texas Education Foundation to establish a local steering committee of 15 individuals to work with guidance from the National Compassion Fund. Some potential members have withdrawn or were found to be ineligible to serve. Therefore, we are seeking additional individuals to complete a committee with local business leaders, residents and alumni, as well as experts from the medical, psychological, and social services fields. If you are interested in serving, you may submit your name and phone number to sftxef@gmail.com by Wednesday, June 20th at 5 p.m. The criteria for the local steering committee members are:

    • Cannot be an elected government official
    • Cannot be an employee or board member of Santa Fe ISD
    • Cannot be an Education Foundation board member
    • Cannot be a family member of a Santa Fe High School student or staff, as they are potential beneficiaries


    ImageThe Santa Fe Texas Education Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports Santa Fe ISD students. Our mission is to unite the Santa Fe community support of quality public education. This mission is accomplished by raising funds that are separate from the school district and granted to SFISD for innovative educational projects and classroom supplies. However, with the tragedy on May 18, our Foundation has taken on an additional role as manager of the Santa Fe Strong Fund that will support the victims. You can learn more about that work by clicking on the links above.


    If you are an educator looking to apply for a Foundation grant, please see tab at the left. If you are interested in supporting the Foundation's efforts, please attend an event, adopt a teacher request, or make a donation. You can always contact Jodi Gidley at 409-925-9080 or jodi.gidley@sfisd.org for more information. 





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