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    Angela Kennedy

    Print Shop Specialist

    (409) 925-9082





    Print Shop Hours




    Order Process:

    Process of Entering an Order to the Print Shop:

    The Print Shop only takes Cash, Checks, or SFISD Account Codes


    Cash or Check Orders (Personal Orders):

    • All orders must be entered through Eduphoria.
    • Please enter ALL specification of order
    • Please allow for 2 to 3 day window for completion before due date.


    Account Code Orders (Educational Order):

    • All orders using a SFISD account code MUST be entered through Eduphoria with account code.
    • The order will not be started until account code is received. 
    • Please See Eduphoria Submission Instructions.



    Eduphoria Submission Instructions:

    Step-by-step instructions on entering a request into Eduphoria

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