Santa Fe ISD Police Department

  • Santa Fe ISD Police Dept.


    The Santa Fe I.S.D. Police Department is committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment for our children to learn and grow.



    Take part in keeping our Santa Fe Tribe Safe.  If you see something, say something.  Report any incidents or any suspicious activity to your campus police officer.


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    (409) 927-3310


    Santa Fe High School

    Assistant Chief Gary Forward (409) 927-3132

     Officer Eliud Arredondo (409) 927-3134

    Officer Kevin Rogers (409) 927-3131

    Officer Victor Lopez ( 409) 927-3137

    Officer Paul Hensley (409) 927-3138


    Santa Fe Junior High

    Officer Crystal Teague (409) 925-9085

    Officer Johnny Banda (409)925-9398 

    Officer Bruce Whitten


     Officer Jack Saylor ( 409) 925-9696


    Roy J. Wollam

     Officer Elizabeth Moore (409) 925-9318


    Evening Shift Patrol

    Officer Christopher Doucette (409) 927-3310


    Police Auxiliary 

    Captain Joseph Fife

    Sergeant Rodney Welsh   

    Officer Pam Ellis  

     Officer Ric Ostermayer

    Officer Kevin Bickerstaff 

    Officer Jimmy Peek

    Officer Rick Kershaw

    Officer Justin Brouillard

    Officer Walter Bozeman


    Crossing Guards

    Amy Davis

    Tracie Breland


    Police Administration

    Chief Walter Braun (409) 927-3130


    Administrative Assistant/Dispatcher

    Jennifer Smith (409) 927-3310