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Traffic Citations & Fines

Traffic Safety & Parking Regulations

In accordance with Texas Education Code, Section 37.102, the board of trustees of a school district may adopt rules for the safety and welfare of students, employees, and property, to include rules providing for the operation and parking of vehicles on school property. The board may adopt and charge a reasonable fee for parking and for providing traffic control.

A law or ordinance regulating traffic on a public highway or street applies to the operation of a vehicle on school property, except as modified by the Texas Education Code.

A person who violates any rule adopted under the subchapter providing for the operation and parking of vehicles on school property commits an offense. An offense under Section 37.102 is a Class C Misdemeanor.

District Parking & Traffic Safety Regulations:

  1. Driver’s parking on school grounds must have a valid driver’s license and motor vehicle liability insurance.
  2. Hanging tags must be suspended from the rear view mirror in plain view, with the number facing the front of the vehicle. Permit stickers must be on front windshield.
  3. Parking permits on motorcycles are to be placed on the fender or gas tank.
  4. The principal or designee may also assign a student disciplinary penalties for parking/vehicle violations.
  5. The maximum speed limit on District property must not exceed 15 miles per hour. Violators may be subject to ticketing by police.
  6. No one is to park in areas designated “NO PARKING” or in “STRIPED” areas.
  7. Students parking on school property or within 500 feet of school property must be parked in the designated student parking areas.
  8. Vehicles must be parked within designated parking lines. Angled parking across lines is prohibited.
  9. There is no parking directly in front of the building entrances, on the bus parking pad, in no parking zones, fire zones, or loading zones, with the exception of delivery, maintenance, and emergency personnel, actively engaged in the performance of duty.
  10. Parking is prohibited in the High School, Junior High, and Central Bus Pad, bus parking spaces and/or loading areas.
  11. Recklessly driving on or within 500 feet of school property, is strictly prohibited. Violators may be ticketed, or subjected to arrest by police.
  12. Students are not to carry any more passengers than the vehicle is designed to carry. Passengers should not ride in the backs of pickups on campus, nor cling to a motor vehicle.
  13. Students must vacate their motor vehicle immediately upon arrival at school and not loiter in or around their vehicles during school hours.
  14. Parking permits are not transferable, and shall not be used by any person other than the person to whom the permit was issued.
  15. All motor vehicle accidents must be reported to SFISD police immediately.

Search Authority/ Liability

1. All vehicles are subject to search upon reasonable suspicion by school administrators or probable cause by police officers.

2. The school is not responsible for vandalism and or theft to vehicles parked on school property.

Penalties for parking/vehicle violations:

  1. The principal or designee may nullify parking permits at any time for any reason.
  2. Anyone in violation of parking/vehicle regulations may be restricted from bringing his/her vehicle on school property or may have the vehicle towed away at the owner’s expense.
  3. Drivers found in violation of District parking regulations and or state traffic laws may be ticketed or subjected to arrest by police, based on the discretion of the investigating officer.

District Administrative Fines

The following schedule of fines applies to the following District administrative violations. All fines are subject to payment within 10 days of the citations issuance. After the tenth day, a late fee of five dollars shall be assessed.

Traffic/ Parking Violation


Failure to Display a current Parking Permit


Parking with parking decal improperly displayed


Failing to park within the lines of a designated space


Parking where prohibited by signs or markings


Parking in Bus Pad loading/ parking lanes or zone


Blocking a crosswalk or sidewalk


Parking in Violation of an Administration Directive


Blocking a driving lane


Parking in Tow-away Zone


Parking in a handicapped zone, ramp, or space


Parking in an area not designated  a proper parking area


Failure to yield right of way to pedestrians


Driving on sidewalk or off road


Failure to obey traffic control officer or crossing guard


Failure to observe temporary parking, route, detour, or barricade markings


Alter, damaging, or moving traffic signs, markings, or signal devices


Failure to Stop at designated point


Failure to obey traffic control device


Unsafe Speed


Unsafe Start from a Stopped Position


Exhibition of Acceleration



District Administrative fines may be paid by mail or in person at Santa Fe High School 16000 SH 6 or at the SFISD Police Department located at Cowan Educational Support Center 4133 Warpath Ave.

Ticket Appeal Process

Administrative parking and traffic violations are subject to the appeals process afforded in Santa Fe I.S.D. Policy FNG (LOCAL), Students Rights and Responsibilities/ Student and Parent Complaints/Grievances.

Citations issued through the City of Santa Fe Municipal or Galveston County Justice of the Peace Courts, are subject to the appeals process afforded through the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure.

School Bus Stop Arm Camera Enforcement  Program

Santa Fe ISD and the city of Santa Fe are participating in a cooperative effort to improve the safety of students boarding or departing the school bus.  Citations may be issued to owners of cars passing school buses legally stopped with loading lights on and the stop the arm deployed.   The fine for violation of City of Santa Fe ordinance 02-2019 is $300.  The Stop Arm Enforcement Program was approved by the Santa FE ISD School Board and supported by section 545.066 of the Texas Transportation Code.  Please call transportation Department ( 409-925-2775) and ask to speak to Mark McKinney, Director of Transportation if you have any questions about the ordinance, law, or program.

Please click the link below to see illustrations of the law.  

Santa Fe School Bus Safety