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The Santa Fe ISD Communications Department's primary objective is to generate an understanding in the community of the district’s efforts to provide each student with the best possible education. This objective is achieved through the development of external/internal awareness of school and education-related issues and programs in SFISD. The department works in conjunction with the Technology Department for website, social media, and email communications to employees, students, and families. The department works with the Santa Fe Texas Education Foundation for business partnerships and communications with community members.


Jenny Davenport

Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources & Communications

Stephanie Lyssy

Communications Specialist


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Public Records Request Information

There is a specific procedure for the release of public information that is ruled by the Texas Public Information Act. These requests must be handled by SFISD’s Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources. Campuses cannot accommodate these requests. Employees of the school must also follow this procedure if the information requested is not within the realm of their jurisdiction.

What is the Texas Public Information Act (TPIA)?

The act was originally known as the Texas Open Records Act. The purpose of the PIA is to give the public complete information relating to government affairs and public officials and employees (not students).

What is Public Information?

Information that is collected, assembled or maintained by or for the entity and that the entity has a right of access to.

More information about the Texas Public Information Act, including the handbook, is available on the Office of the Attorney General's Web site at

       Records Request        

Persons desiring to review documents maintained by the District and classified as Public Information shall submit their request, in writing, on forms provided by the District or in any other written manner that sets forth the required information. The application shall properly identify the document, or documents, to be inspected.