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Archived Bids and Proposals


  • Exhibit A Tax Exempt Form  (sharepoint doc)
  • Vendor Response Form
  • Form W-9
  • CIQ-Conflict of interest Statement (sharepoint doc)
  • Vendor Certifications Addendum
  • HB 1295 Vendor Information
  • ACH Vendor Form (sharepoint doc)
  • Attachment A Vendor Packet (sharepoint doc)
  • Attachment B Schedule of Services Per Facility (sharepoint doc)
  • Attachment C Landscape Locations Map (sharepoint doc)
  • Attachment D Proposer's Description of Similar Experiences (sharepoint doc)
  • Addendum 1- Questions (sharepoint doc)

RFP#2018-005 Produce

RFP#2017-009 Student Insurance (Under Construction) THIS ENTIRE SECTION
RFP#2017-009 Student Insurance Q&A with Benefits
RFP#2017-009 Student Insurance Addendum A (Section 14 Forms)
RFP#2017-006 Custodial Supplies (Under Construction)

RFP#2017-007 Pest Control Services

RFP For Depository Services (under Construction)
RFP#2016-0901 Solid Waste Disposal (Under Construction)

RFP_2016-07-004 Food Service COOP-Ice Cream/Frozen Juice