• Keshani Pathirage

  • Welcome to the 2016-2017 school     

                               year !


     I'm so excited to have all of you in my 6th Grade Math clasess.

    Mathematics is increasingly important in our technological and scientific age. A strong foundation of mathematics  in school is the gateway to jobs and careers of all kinds, even those that are not explicitly mathematical. 

    Math is best learnt through activities that allow students to explore and understand on their own. The main focus of my class will be to make sure that each student is familiar and comfortable with whatever we are learning in class.  To achieve this, I will implement a regular plan of hands-on activities, classwork and skill practice as well as Quizzes and Tests.

    My goal is to make each and every single student feel like a Champion!


    If you need to email me : Keshani.pathirage@sfisd.org



    YELLOW Team Class Schedule

                     7:15 - 8:00           Acceleration

                     8:05 - 8:50          2nd (Electives)

                     8:55 - 9:40           3rd (Electives)

                      9:45 - 10:41          4th

                    10:43 - 11:40          5th 

                     11:45 - 12:15          Lunch

                     12:20 - 1:24           6th

                       1:26 - 230           7th