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    The financial aid process is daunting, especially when going through the process without help from a reliable source. Fortunatley, we are here to help you navigate obscure financial aid acronyms with ease. Always start out with the Free Application for Student Aid, known as FAFSA. Once you application is processed, you will know what federal assistance programs, grants, and loans you qualify for, and how much will have to be through private lending agencies. This process is the same for graduate students, however graduate students may not be eligible for undergradate programs, including Federal Pell Grants.

    Once you've completed FASFA, look for ways to cut your college costs. Apply for early action to maximize your financial aid package and apply for scholarships. Below, you'll find more information and tips on navigating the financial aid process, including articles on the latest news from the financial aid industry.


    The best way to supplement your financial aid package is to apply for scholarships. COllege scholarships minimize student loan debt. You do not need to be a star athlete or valedictorian to win scholarships. Many scholarships are based on financial need, community serivce and your intended field of study. Highlight your unique attributes to search for more specific college scholarships.


    College Savings Accounts

    From 529 Plans- offering tax savings over taxable accounts- to Coverdell Accounts- optimal for families looking to invest $2000 or less per year- every parent should be able top find a savings plan that meets their needs. Have a reference point when looking for savings plans. Estimate howmuch college will cost using a college financial aid caluclator. Always start with a conservative number because some savings plans come with stipulations, where funds can only be used for college expsenses.


    Federal Aid

    Federal aid comes in the form of federal grant, federal student loans, and federal work-study programs. Federal Aid is subject to change based on government funding policies. Eligiblity guidelines for FASFA are available online for a quick application and fast processing, starting January 1st of every year. FASFA will answer the majority of your questions, determine how much funding you can receive, and what federal funding programs you qualify for. You may find that you're eligible for Stafford Loans. Although Stafford Loans are not as desirable as greants, they do have lower interest rates than any privae loan.

    Financial Aid Information

    Research will help you understand financial aid information, and dispel popular misconceptions about the process. Many students believe they are either ineligible for scholarships, or that applying for scholarships is a waste of time. Truthfully, the financial aid process is the most important step you will take in the college application process. More than $130 billion is awarded each year to college-bound students. And while it helps to have an impressive academic record, much of the funding is needs-based. Once you've filled out your FAFSA, conduct a free scholarship search to find awards, and boost your financial aid package with money from scholarships and grants.

    Find Money for College

    The optimal way to navigate the financial aid process is conducting thorough research.




    • This page is your resource for all Scholarship Applications, students can pick up the application in the Career Center (A106) or click the names below to direct them to the scholarships application websites. We highly recommend that you create an email account for scholarship information only so that you do not miss out on opportunities that may end up in your JUNK box.


    Scholarship Search Sites:


    FAFSA -http://fafsa.ed.gov (Deadline June 30, 2018) Any corrections or updates must be done by September 15, 2018)


    Fastweb- Set up a personalized profile and receive scholarship opportunities and updates that are specific to you.  www.fastweb.com 
    Merit Aid- A comprehensive directory of merit scholarships and academic scholarships from colleges around the country.
    Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universiites - The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities is pleased to offer scholarship opportunities. We hope that we will be able to assist you in defraying some of your college expenditures.  Please review each scholarship’s criteria carefully to see if you qualify. www.hacu.net
    Scholarship Experts.com - This is a national website that each month will provide you with scholarship based off the information you provide for them. Take advantage of this site you will be surprised how much you can get from them, not as many students apply as you would expect. We recommend JUNIORS to start using this site NOW.  https://www.unigo.com/scholarships#/fromscholarshipexperts
    Student Scholarships.org - This is a national website that each month will provide you with scholarship based off the information you provide for them. Take advantage of this site you will be surprised how much you can get from them, not as many students apply as you would expect. We recommend JUNIORS to start using this site NOW.
    Adventures in Education - The Quick Search allows you to easily search our database of over 15,000 scholarships. Simply enter one or more keywords into the search bar, click the "Search" button, and a list of scholarships related to your keyword(s) will appear. www.aie.org
    College Net - CollegeNET, Inc. is the world's leading 'virtual plumber' for higher education internet transactions. We provide here for your convenience over 1500 customized Internet admissions applications built for college and university programs. When applying to more than one program you save redundant typing since common data automatically travels from form to form. www.collegenet.com/elect/app/app
    Scholarships.com - We'll help you find free scholarships, grants and financial aid. In just a few minutes, you could find tens of thousands of dollars in free college scholarship money! Spend a little time, save a lot of money and attend the college that is the best fit for you!   www.scholarships.com
    Fin Aid - Every year, several hundred thousand students and parents are defrauded by scholarship scams. The victims of these scams lose thousands, if not millions, of dollars collectively on an annual basis according to multiple sources. Scam operations often imitate legitimate government agencies, grant-giving
    foundations, education lenders and scholarship matching services, using official-sounding names containing words like "National," "Federal,"
    "Foundation," or "Administration." www.finaid.org/scholarships/scams/phtml
    College for ALL TEXANS - There are so many colleges, how do I know which is best fit for me?  Compare colleges side-by-side on key measures such as tuition & fees, completion rates, and average salaries after college. www.collegeforalltexans.com

      College scholarships for children of Marines https://www.mcsf.org/cte/




    Scholarship Deadlines:

     Local Scholarship:

    (Many of these need to be picked up in the Career Center and mailed in)


     October Deadlines

    • Junior League of Galveston County, Inc Scholarship: Deadline is March 15th. Ten to Twenty $1,000 to $2,000. Applicants must be FEMALE students graduating from Galveston County High Schools Seniors who have exhibited a strong commitment to volunteer work in their communities. Please mail all applications to: The Junior League of Galveston County, ATTN: CAF/Scholarship Committee 210 Kemper Avenue Galveston, TX 77550. Feel free to contact Jessica Martinez with any questions. 409-370-8090 jessicapmartinez@yahoo.com
    • Dr.Pepper Tuition Giveaway Scholarship - $100,000 - 20 Awards ( DEADLINE: October 18, 2017) To be eligible you must: be in 9-12 grade in public, parochial, private and home schools within the jurisdiction of the sponsoring state society or district. http://www.studentscholarships.org/scholarship/12674dr_pepper_tution_giveaway_scholarship.php
    • SP Scholarships- $10,000 - 10 Awards ( DEADLINE: October 31, 2017) To be eligible you must: be a high school student planning to attend college Septemeber 2018 and answer the Essay question on the sponsers website go to http://www.studentscholarships.org/scholarship/14186/sp_scholarship_scholarship.php
    • VIP Voice Scholarships-$5,000 -1 Award (Deadline: October 31, 2017) To be eligible a student must: 13 years or older, submit your entry by 11:59 pm ET on the day of the deadline, you can submit multiple entries by following the instructions on the sponsors website. http://www.studentscholarships.org/scholarship/14185/vip_voice_5_000_scholarship_scholarship.php

    November Deadlines

    • Maryknoll Scholarship - $1,000.00 - 6 Awards (Deadline: November 10, 2017) To be eligible you must: be in grades 9-12 (Divison II) qualify. Entries must be written in English, only one entry per student. Children of Maryknoll employees, associates and affiliates are not eligible. http://studentscholarships.org/scholarship/12706/maryknoll_essay_contest_scholarship.php
    • Student Photography Scholarship - $2,500.00- 11 Awards (Deadline: November 15, 2017) To be eligible you must: A) High School students applying for these scholarships must have completed one year at an accredited high school (student must therefore be a sophomore or older) and should have taken at least one photography or related art class....or a College or techincal school students applying for these scholarships must have completed oneyear at a recongnized college, university or professional school. http://studentscholarships.org/scholarship/9451/Student_photography_scholarships_scholarship.php
    • StyleMann Young Professionals Scholarship - $1,800.00 - 1 Award (Deadline: November 30, 2017) To be eligible you must: A) Participants must be students of any educational institution in any location. B) Each student must write an essay. http://www.studentscholarships.org/scholarship/14524/stylemann_young_professionals_scholarship_scholarship.php
    • Sixt Scholars - $5,000.00 - 5 Awards (Deadline: November 30, 2017) To be eligible you must: A) Have a minimum 3.7 GPA on a 4.0 scale B) Graduating high school senior in the USA, academic year 2017/2018 http://studentscholarships.org/scholarship/10645/sixt_scholars_scholarship.php

    December Deadlines

    • HSC Home Warranty Scholarship - $2,000.00 - 1 Award (Deadline: December 1, 2017) To be eligible you must: A) Open to high school seniors or college students who are legal residents of the United States B) Scholarship payable to the winner who should be living in the United States C) Student must enroll in semester beginning no later than Winter 2018 http://studentscholarships.org/scholarship/14465/hsc_home_warrenty_scholarship_scholarship.php
    • Barbara Lotze Scholarships for Teachers - $2,000.00 - 5 Awards (Deadline: December 1, 2017) To be eligible you must: A) An undergraduate student enrolled in an accredited two-year college, four-year college or a university; or a high school senior accepted for such enrollment B) Pursuing, or planning to pursue, a course of study leading toward a career in physics teaching in the high schools. http://studentscholarships.org/scholarship/barbara_lotze_scholarships_for_furture_teachers_scholarship.php
    • National Space Club Scholarship - $10,000.00 - 1 Award (Deadline: December 1, 2017) To be eligible you must: A) Be a US citizen B) The scholarship is open to seniors in high school through graduate students C) The applicant must have the intention of pursuing a career in th STEM fields and plan to attend an accredited U.S. college or university http://www.studentscholarships.org/scholarship/12191/national_space_club_scholarship_scholarship.php





    January Deadlines

    Redfin Scholarship:-$2500.00 (DEADLINE: JANUARY 13ST,2018) To be eligible you must: A (legal resident)B (18 years old)C( graduating high school)D unweighted GPA 3.5 or above 4.0 scale https://www.redfin.com/resources/scholarship 

    USDA/1890:-(DEADLINE: JANUARY 31ST,2018) To be eligible you must: A ( must be a us citizen) B ( have ben admitted or be currently attending one of the 1890 Land-Grant Universites) C (Have cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better) D ( Intend to study agriculture, food science, natural resouce sciences, or other related disciplines) E ( Demonstrate leadership and community service) F ( Submit a current official transcript with the school seal and/or the signature of an authorized school official G (preferably through the most recent semester) H (Submit a 500-800 word essay describing: 1( your interest in USDA; 2) how you envision the scholarship will impact you and your future as a public servant, and 3) your experience and perceptions about agriculture, food and natural resouce sciences



    February Deadlines

    ACET:-  $1000.00 (DEADLINE: February 9th, 2018) www.acetx.org Our association offers twenty $1,000 dollar scholarships across the state to students who have, at some time in their school career, been enrolled in a compensatory education program. Compensatory Education includes programs such as Title 1, Bilingual/ESL, State Compensatory Education (SCE) Migrant and Homeless. The top scoring applicant in the state will also recieve the Wade and Sandy Burroughs Scholarship in the amount of $500.


    March Deadlines

    Southern Texas Section Foundation scholarships totaling more than $877,100 www.stpga.com/scholarships (DEADLINE MARCH 13TH 2018) if you have any further questions please contact Kailee Neumann 832-442-2404 kneumann@pgahq.com

    National Farmers Farm Kids Scholarships 3 $1000 awards (DEADLINE:MARCH 1, 2018) to be eligible for the scholarship a student must A) be a high school senior who plans to pursue agriculture-related degrees B) Pursue degrees from accredited colleges or universites https://www.studentscholarships.org/scholarship/13249/national_farmers_farm_kids_scholarship_scholarship.php#sthash.BHPSffGs.dpbs

    SEG Scholarship $5000- 10 Awards (DEADLINE: MARCH 1, 2018) to be eligible for the scholarship a student must: A) be a high school senior planning to attend college next year B) be intending to pursue a college curriculum directed toward a career in applied geographyics. https://www.studentscholarships.org/scholarship/9766//seg_scholarships_scholarship.php#sthash.jxop3U5d.dpbs

    USPAACC Scholarhsips- $5000-10 awards (DEADLINE: MARCH 10, 2018) to be eligible for the scholarship a student must: A) be at least 16 years of age at the time of the application and be a high school senior B) be of Asian or Pacific Island heritage https://www.studentscholarships.org/scholarship/10177?uspaacc_scholarships_scholarship.php#sthash.IQy47nw2.dpbs

    MICROSOFT DISABILITY SCHOLARSHIP $20,000-10 awards (DEADLINE: MARCH 15,2018) to be eligible for the scholarship a student must: A) be a current high school senior with a living disability (as defined by WHO), whether that be visual, hearing, cognitive, speech, or other disability. https://www.studentscholarships.org/scholarship/10177?uspaacc_scholarships_scholarship.php#sthash.IQy47nw2.dpbs

    UNITED STATES INSTITUTE OF PEACE SCHOLARSHIP- $2500- 2 awards (DEADLINE: MARCH 15,2018) to be eligible for the scholarship a student must: A) be a high school student interested in learning and writing about issues of peace and conflict, encouraging appreciation for diplimacy's role in buliding partnerships that can advance peacebuilding. https://www.studentscholarships.org/scholarship/9221/united_states_institute_of_peace_scholarship_Scholarship.php#sthash.TCqIT1oO.dpbs

    BEYOND THE BOROUGHS NATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP- $20,000 - 2 AWARDS (DEADLINE: MARCH 15, 2018) to be eligilbe for the scholarship a student must A) be a high school senior accredited four-year college, university, or equivalent B) Be from a low income household https://studentscholarships.org/scholarship/12089/beyond_the_boroughs_national_scholarship_scholarship.php#sthash.K0Iipzuh.dpbs

    HARRIS POLL SCHOLARSHIP- $1,000 1 award (DEADLINE: MARCH 15, 2018) to be eligible for the scholarship a student must: A) be a legal resident of the 50 United States and DC who are 13 years old at the time of entry https://studentscholarships.org/scholarship/14804/harris_poll_scholarship_scholarship.php#sthash.g7SjLM9N.dpbs

    SISTER RITA JEANNE SCHOLARSHIPS- $3000 - 7 awards (DEADLINE:MARCH 15,2018) to be eligible for this scholarship a student must A) be a high school senior who is interested in journalism B) submit a portfolio of you journalistic skills https://studentscholarships.org/scholarship/9759/sister_rita_jeanne_scholarships#sthash.XxbLD3Tb.dpbs

    BP Global STEM Academies- ( DEADLINE: MARCH 31, 2018) https://afs.org/stem-academy-scholarships/

    OppU Achievers Scholarship https://www.opploans.com/scholarship/











    April Deadlines

    Student Insights (DEADLINE APRIL 22,2018) this scholarship program is offering $11,000 worth of scholarships to high school seniors who plan to attend a four-year college, community/junior college or career school. The program includes: one $4,000 scholarship, two $1,000 scholarship, and ten $500 scholarships. it's quick and easy to apply: there is no minimum SAT/ACT score or grade point average, no essay required, no lengthy application forms and no application fees. Go to http://www.student-view.com/ complete a 15-20 minute application survery about colleges in your area. This scholarship will be awarded via a randon drawing of all completed applications. The scholarship winner will be announced in May 2018

    The Charles, Lela and Mary Slough Foundation Scholarship (DEADLINE: April 1st 2018) Scholarship awards up to $5,000 per year ($2,500 per Fall and Spring semesters) for a total of 5 yeas or the completion of a Bachelor's Degree or a total accumulation of 136 semester hours or 36 credits, whichever comes first. Smaller amounts may be awarded on a one-time basis with no guarantee of future awards. Notification of awards and status of application are mailed in August. https://www.midland.edu/enrollment-aid/paying-college/scholarships/slough.php applicants must submit application online by April 1st

    SFTXEF JACOB A. WENTZEL CHRISTIAN HUMANITARIAN AWARD (DEADLINE: April 23,2018) "in honor of the Christian induced, humanitarian effort that led to his death in hopes that others will follow his example to help another in need $500 dollar scholarship. Please pick up thr forms in the Student Center with Ms. Quilter

    MELISSA VODOVAR MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP (DEADLINE: APRIL 23, 2018) $1000 SCHOLARSHIP to honor the legecy of Melissa Vodovar. After graduating from Santa fe High School in 1977 Melissa's desire and determination drove her to outstanding achievments with the U.S. Marshals service and the Houston Police Department Special Victims Unit. This scholarship will help a student pursue their dream of an education in any field of criminal justice. Please pick up the forms in the Student Center with Ms. Quilter 

    THE NICK GARY SCHOLARSHIP (DEADLINE APRIL 14TH, 2018) please pick up a form from Ms. Quilter in the Student Center

    KILROY FOUNDATION ANNUAL COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP ( DEADLINE: APRIL 15TH,2018) please pick up this form from Ms. Quilter in the Student Center





    May Deadlines

    2018 Barbra Burns Memorial ipogc Scholarship (DEADLINE: MAY 1, 2018) Requirements: a)Fully completed scholarship application b) Essay describing why you wish to be awarded this scholarship  and what kind of career you are planning to pursue (200-250 words) c) plan to pursue business, insurance related degree, or general studies OPTIONAL Letter of recommendation from teacher, counselor, principal or school employee or letter of recommendation from community member (non-family) please stop by the student center to pick up a form to fill out for the application 

    GALVESTON COUNTY RANCHERS' ASSOCIATION SCHOLARSHIP (DEADLINE: MAY 15TH, 2018) this scholarship preovides scholarships for outstanding students of Galveston County. the requirements A) student must be a member of the Texas FFA or a Texas 4-H Club B) mustr be a high school senior who will graduate by the spring semester C) candidates will be confined to those who enroll in an accredited college courses that would ultimately lead to a bachelor's degree

    THE #STRONGWHENWEAK SCHOLARSHIP (DEADLINE: MAY 31ST, 2018) please pick up this form from the Student Center with Ms. Quilter

    OZARKA EVERT DROP COUNTS (DEADLINE: MAY 25TH 2018) $10,000 SCHOLARSHIP to be eligible you must A) complete appliation B) complete high school transcript C) complete essay D) signed General Rules and Gudelines document you can pick up this form in the Student Center wth Ms. Quilter

    VFW GOLD STAR POST 5400 SCHOLARSHIP (DEADLINE: MAY 1ST, 2018) $1000 please pick up form from Ms. Quilter in the Student Center




    June Deadlines

    https://www.ziprecruiter.com/scholarship $3,000 Scholarships offer Deadline June 1st

    OppU Achievers Scholarship https://www.opploans.com/scholarship/

    HORATIO ALGER CAREER AND TECHNICAL SCHOLARSHIP ( DEADLINE JUNE 15TH, 2018) to apply for this scholarship you must A) have completed high school or a high school equivalency degree by Spring 2018 B) will be enrolled in eligible program in Fall 2018 C) exhibit a strong commitment to pursue and complete a career or technical program ( up to 2 years) at an accredited non-profit post-secondary institution in the United States D) demonstrate crititcal financial need E( must be eligible to recieve the Federal Pell grant as determined by completion of the FAFSA F) demonstrate perserverance in overcoming adversity G) be under the age of 30 H) be a United States citizen https://applichttps://application.horatioalger.org/Security/Login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fation.horatioalger.org/Security/Login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2f


    Other Scholarship Opportunities:


    September Deadlines



     October Deadlines


    November Deadlines 




    December Deadlines

    Oppu Achievers Scholarshsips https://www.opploans.com/scholarship/




    January Deadlines



    February Deadlines 


    March Deadlines

    Oppu Achievers Scholarship https://www.opploans.com/scholarship/




    April Deadlines


    May Deadlines



    June Deadlines


    July Deadlines






    College/University Specific Scholarship Deadlines:

    (Always check the Colleges Finacial Aid website for campus Scholarships)



    Baylor University

    1. Baylor Univeristy:  As a small way to help, Baylor has luanched a new $7,500 scholarship for students who were directly impacted by a natural disaster this year. Fill out the form as soon as possible to see if you're eligible. Funds will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis and this offer will close on Feburary 1, 2018. If you are accepted to Baylor, we will review and foloow-up with you upon acceptance. Baylor's application is free and our Early Action deadline is Noember 1. However, if you areneeding an extension, please reachout to your Admissions Counselor and we will work with you individually.
    2. Baylor University annually awards scholarships through Carr P. Collins Scholars Program to students who have demonstrated leadership through service. Collins Scholars are awarded a minimum of $5,200 their freshman year, renewable for three additional years. To be considered for the program, applicants must meet all university requirements for unconditional admission; have a minimum combined math and evidence based reading and writing score of 1310 on the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) or a minimum of 28 on the American College Test (SAT) have completed a balanced college preparatory program including history, science, and a foreign language; be in the top quarter of their graduating class; and be a resident of the State of Texas. To check for eligibility go to baylor.edu/admissions/carrpcollins


    Boston University

    1. Boston University: Deadline is Dec. 1st. Earn a four-year, full tuition scholarship to BU



    College of the Mainland

    1. College of the Mainland Carl Perkins Child Care Grant: Deadline for Fall is Aug. 1st, Spring is Dec. 1st, Summer is May 1st. Need Child Care Assistance while attending College of the Mainland, if so you might qualify for this Grant. Stop by the Student Financial Services Office A-149 at COM
    2. College of the Mainland: Several 100 scholarships are available for all areas of study, please click on the link so that you can begin applying today. If you do not have a COM ID that is ok just enter it in as your 7 digit phone number (ex. 9273124) and you will be able to access all scholarships prior to having a COM ID. For additional information contact Tammy Stafford tstafford@com.edu

    Dordt College

    Dorst has a wide variety of financial aid resources to offer students. The Dordt College academic scholarship program does not require an application. Any student accepted for admission that meets theacademic criteria of GPA and test score will automatically qualify and be awarded an academic scholarship. Recipients can recieve either a Collegiate, Honors, or Presidential Scholarship. There are many other scholarships available wich do require a seperate application. The deadline to be considered for these is January 1, 2018. Details about any of our Dordt College scholarships may be found on their website, dordt.edu/admissions/financial_aid/. You can find Dordt College on Naviance as well, at connection.naviance.com


    Lamar University

    1. Lamar University: Deadline is Feb. 1st. This scholarship is for Lamar University only, be sure to include a copy of you most recent academic transcript with your application.


    2. Lamar University: Deadline is March 7th. This scholarship is for studetn interested in pursuing the courswork necessary to enter healthcare - related professions. Application needs to be picked up at High School Career Center E103


    3. Texas Tech. Freshman Scholarships: Students should apply for adminmission and scholarships prior to December 1st for fall 2018


    4. C.W. Conn, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Fund: Deadline is Feb. 7th. Students interested in entering Lamar University as a Freshman seeking a four-year degree in the College of Business at Lamar University. Must score atleast 900 on SAT or 20 on ACT. 


    5. Smith-Hutson Scholarship: Deadline is March 21st. Students interested in entering Lamar University as a Freshman seeking a four-year degree in College of Business at Lamar University. Must score atleast 900 on SAT or 20 on ACT.


    San Jacinto College

    1. San Jacinto College Foundation: Deadline is April 15th. Open to ALL Majors, Standard award $500 - many available, must complete the FAFSA application. Contact the SJC foundation for more information 281-998-6104
    2. EHCMA Scholarship Program: This scholarship will be awarded $1,000 to six students at San Jacinto College and six students at Lee College, applicants must have a GPA of 2.75 or higher. San Jacinto contact: Michael Speegle 281-478-2716 and Lee College contact: Craig Beskid 281-334-9091


    Univeristy of Texas

    1. Univ. of Texas Permian Basin: All students graduating in the top 50% of their class adn meet admission requirements are eligible for a Freshman Grant of $2,000. The top 25% could recieve between $3,000 to $5,000 each year. Visit website for more details and applications.