Graphic of Advisory Board Meeting Notice



    Advisory Boards provide important information to the district on our Career-Based Programs of Study. They meet as a large group once during the fall to provide collaborative input on Gulf Coast Labor Market Information (High Demand Jobs our students should be targeting) and High Demand Skills (what skills students should be learning) so our students graduate ready for entry-level careers and college majors tied to High Wage, High Demand jobs of the future. Advisory Board members also provide insight into replicating real-world facilities for our students on-campus so that their learning is based on industry safety and equipment standards.

    Our next District Wide Advisory Board is scheduled for October 7th, from 11:30-1:00 p.m. in the Santa Fe HS cafeteria. Lunch will be provided.  Click Here to Register


    11:15-11:40 Sign-In, Lunch, & Networking Sign-In Team
    11:40-11:45 Welcome TBD
    11:45-12:00 District CTE Overview CTE Director
    12:00-1:00 Breakout Sessions by Program of Study  
      a. Courses Available / Certifications Offered (On Web Page/New State Document) Teacher
      c. Review Last Year's Outcomes; Provide Updated feedback in each area Industry
           1. Top Jobs (entry-level & hard to fill)  
           2. Top Skills  
          3. Top Certifications  
           4. Top Writing/Math/Reading Skills  
           5. # 1 Reason Entry-Level Employee lose their Job  
      d. Tour Lab & Provide Recommendations Industry
           1. "Real-World" Setting  
           2. Equipment, Materials, Supplies  
      e. Plan/Schedule Work-Based Learning Activities  
           1. Teacher Job Shadowing (Jan. 2/3)  
           2. Industry Demonstrations In Class  
           3. Field Trips  
           4. Community Volunteer Activities  
           5. Student Job Shadowing   
           6. Student Practicums  
                 A. Rotations through Departments during class blocks  
                 B. Providing internships (limited time frame) as part of their class  
                 C. Hiring students before/after graduation  
           7. Schedule/Plan Another Time to Meet Together or Individually A7:C26A2:C26A1:C26B21A12:C26B2A1:C26