• Santa Fe High School Joe Raitano Stadium

    With a stadium capacity of approximately 4,200, local residents and visiting spectators attend Friday night football games, soccer matches, graduation, and other special events in the SFISD stadium each year.  There are several options for advertising at this beautiful stadium.  Start promoting the growth of your business while supporting the education of our future TODAY!  If you have questions, please email Gina Welsh at gina.welsh@sfisd.org or call at 409-925-9080.  


  • SFHS Stadium Scoreboard

    There are a couple of ways to display your business on this bright and highly visible scoreboard.  Digital Ad spaces are available to run throughout the course of each event, appearing approximately 20 times at 30 second intervals.  Or you can choose another option that will display your ad in smaller intervals like during the coin toss and half time.  There are also opportunities to run 15-30 second commercials during the event at prime times, guaranteed to capture the attention of the spectators.

    Digital Ad Space A - $100 (home game)

    Digital Ad Space B - $100 (home game)

    Coin Toss Sponsor - $300 (season)

    Half Time Sponsor - $300 (season)

    To find out how you can become a sponsor TODAY, click here for more information

  • SFHS Stadium Entrance Signage

    There are Ten 4’x5’ spots available at the entrance of the stadium located in a highly visible area near the ticket booth.  Your sign will be placed near along the fence that borders both the football field and baseball field. 

    4 x 5 Fence Sign - $70 (month)

  • SFHS Stadium Personalized Messages

    Did you know you can place personal messages to your child or loved one on the Santa Fe High School Joe Raitano Field Indian Stadium Scoreboard?!

    You can wish them a happy birthday, send them good luck for the game, congratulate them on getting into college - and more! Plus, you can include a photo to appear on the board several times during an event.

    Continuous Scrolling Message - $25 (game)

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