This Exiting Employee Information Guide has been assembled to assist you as you conclude your employment in Santa Fe Independent School District. It provides you with information regarding termination procedures, final pay, benefits, and other important information. The package includes a Quick Reference Guide (last page) so that you know who to speak with if you have questions.


    We would like to remind you of your obligations as a former employee of Santa Fe ISD under the Educators’ Code of Ethics located in Policy DH (exhibit). As you know, your employment with the Santa Fe ISD places you in a position of trust within our organization and allowed you to have access to confidential student information.


    Under the Code of Ethics, you have an obligation, even after the termination of your employment, to maintain the confidentiality of the student information. You also have an obligation to refrain from using or disclosing any such information other than for the benefit of the students.


    Your opinion about your experience with SFISD is important to us.  Information obtained during the Exit interview is used to determine how SFISD can better serve employees.  Your input will remain anonymous. This face-to-face interview will be scheduled through HR.


    We’ve made every attempt to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in the Exiting Employee Information Guide. However, if there is any discrepancy between the benefit descriptions and the insurance contracts or other legal documents, the legal documents will always govern.


    Santa Fe Independent School District appreciates your contribution to students and wishes you future success in all your endeavors!


    Exiting Employee Guide


    Service Record Form