• Signing Up With Z Pass Plus


    • You must use a desktop or laptop to register your child on the Z Pass+ website.
    • Desktops or laptops are available at all campuses, public library or the Transportation Center located at 3701 Peck Ave, Santa Fe.
    • The system does not support entries from mobile devices.
    • Names must be in ALL CAPS
    • Use your student's name as it appears in Skyward - NO NICKNAMES
    • The number needed is on the back of the ID card

    id number

    To begin, navigate to the Z Pass Plus home screen (http://www.zpassplus.com).

    Click on the blue "Sign Up Today" button.

    Click here for detailed instructions on how to sign up.

    Call 409-925-2775 if you have any questions or need someone to assist you in signing up

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