• INSTALLING DISTRICT PRINTERS:  Use the following methods for adding a network printer  


    1.  Devices & Printers:

    Navigate to the the Devices and Printer section on the computer.  Go to start and scroll up to devices and printers or start typing.  It will bring up the entire list of network printers available to add, sorted by campus-location-type.  i.e. ADM-tech-HP4250 on SF-prn1

    Add a Printer from Devices and Printer section on the computer

    2.  Connect from Internet Explorer:

     **Make sure you are using Internet Explorer to Install these printers**

    Please select your location below.  After locating the printer, select it and then select "Connect" under "PRINTER ACTIONS."

    High School

    Junior High

    Kubacak and FBI Annex

    RJW and Barnett