• Internet/Social Media Safety


    While the Internet is a great tool for learning and connecting, online safety and cyberbullying are major issues today.


    As a parent, you play a critical role in your child's life. We encourage you to be informed about Internet safety and monitor your child's online activity.


    Social media and "anonymous" apps appear to give users freedom to send/post what they want without consequences. However, law enforcement can track the senders of cyberbullying and harassing messages that were supposedly "anonymous."


    Santa Fe ISD is using a social media service, Social Sentinel®, to provide real-time awareness of possible safety and security threats made on public social media platforms that indicate potential acts of harm or threats relevant to the School District. The following provides some additional information about the use of Social Sentinel:


    • Social Sentinel is a cost effective solution that is a critical part of a comprehensive, proactive safety and security program. At approximately the cost of a cup of coffee per student per year, Social Sentinel gives comfort in knowing that someone is paying attention to the digital conversation on behalf of our District.


    • Social Sentinel scans one billion public social media posts per day looking for indicators of harm and violence.


    • Social Sentinel does not follow, surveil, or monitor individual social media users. The service supports constitutionally protected rights to freedom of speech and expression.


    • Social Sentinel has developed the most comprehensive listing of hundreds of thousands of behavioral threat terms compiled by experts in law enforcement, public safety, mental health, counseling, linguistics and data science. When a threat or harm is identified and connected with a client, an alert is sent.


    • Social Sentinel’s technology is based on the combined knowledge of data scientists, law enforcement professionals, linguistic and education experts to create a library of language associated with harm and threats.


    • Social Sentinel is layer of protection that is and should be part of a comprehensive approach to safety and security. Insights generated from the service are evaluated and assessed by client staff.


    • Social Sentinel is not a monitoring, investigative or surveillance system. The service scans social media posts that are public.


    • SSI has approved access to the worldwide data feeds for a dozen social media services.


    • As an early warning system, the Social Sentinel solution runs 24/7/365 as a Proactive Social Safety net.


    Together, let's partner to support students' plans for the future by helping them make good decisions with technology today!