What is Adapted Physical Education?

    Adapted physical education (APE) is the art and science of developing and implementing a carefully designed physical education instructional program for an individual with a disability, based on a comprehensive assessment, to give the individual the skills necessary for a lifetime of rich leisure, recreation, and sport experiences to enhance physical fitness and wellness.  (Auxter, Pyfer, & Huettig, 2001).

    Who is an Adapted Physical Education Teacher?

    The adapted physical education teacher is the person responsible for developing an appropriate physical education plan for individuals with disabilities. The APE teacher is a physical educator with highly specialized training in the assessment and evaluation of motor competency, physical fitness, play, and leisure, recreation and sport skills. The APE teacher has the skills necessary to develop an individualized physical education program and to implement the program.

    The APE teacher is a direct service provider, not a related service provider, because special physical education is a federally mandated component of special education services [USCA 1402(25)].

    Who is eligible for Adapted Physical Education Services?

    Special education students enrolled in a general physical education class (GPE), grades K – 12 that have been previously screened by a Santa Fe ISD staff member(s) and the APE teacher, may be considered to receive an APE assessment.  The assessment will evaluate the student's physical and motor skills and will be conducted by the APE teacher. While it is acknowledged that behavior may impact a student's ability to participate in GPE, within the Santa Fe school district, behavioral issues alone are not a qualifying factor for APE.

    How is Adapted Physical Education provided to students?

    After an assessment has been conducted by the adapted physical education teacher and if a student is determined eligible for services, an individual education plan (IEP) is constructed.  The IEP document contains goals, objectives with modifications/adaptations to be used in the physical education setting. The amount of APE service, frequency, and durations are determined/agreed by the ARD Committee. Measurable goals and objectives represent meaningful physical education curriculum content that correlate with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).  Progress on goals and objectives is monitored using district, state, and federal guidelines.

    Where is Adapted Physical Education provided to students?

    The delivery of APE services occur in a variety of class placements or instructional settings.  Services may be implemented in a classroom or in the GPE setting.  More specifically, the delivery of services may occur in the following settings/manners: within the GPE class, the GPE class with a teaching assistant/peer, a separate class with peers, a separate class with assistants, and a one-on-one setting with student (s) with disabilities.

    Students may receive direct, consult, or monitor services from qualified professionals in APE to support the inclusion of students with disabilities when needed.