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  • Purchasing Guidelines


    The SFISD School Board Policy for Purchasing is listed as:

    CH (Local)

    CH (Legal)

    CHH (Legal)

    CHG (Legal)


    For general miscellaneous school supplies, furniture and technology equipment, SFISD takes advantage of purchasing from vendors on the various state approved Interlocal Cooperatives (Coops) such as:

    TCPN (Region 4)

    TIPS (Region 8)

    Allied States Cooperative (Region 19)

    PACE Purchasing Cooperative (Region 20)

    BuyBoard (TASB)

    State of Texas Cooperative-TxSmartBuy

    Purchasing Solutions Alliance

    HCDE (Harris County Dept. of Education) Choice Partners

    HGAC (Houston Galveston Area Council)

    DIR (Department of Information Services)


    Purchasing Procedures Manual