Disciplinary Alternative Education Program (DAEP)

  • School Day: 7:20 a.m. – 2:50 p.m

    Dress Code

    • Dress Pants: Khaki, navy or black; no workout pants; no jeans
    • Shirt: White collared Polo-style shirt with no writing/emblems
    • Shoes: Closed-toe (like tennis shoes or vans); no boots, house shoes, slippers, Crocs, etc.
    • No hoodies
    • Students may bring a crew neck white sweat shirt to wear over their collared shirt if they get cold easily

    Meal Information: No open containers

    • Breakfast and lunch are provided by SFJH
      • If the student arrives after 7:30 a.m., no breakfast will be ordered
    • Payment (same method as on campus)
    • Students may bring their lunch, but there will be no microwave available
      • Not allowed: Gum, candy, excessive amounts of sweets, open containers, energy drinks, glass containers


    • Parents/guardians must provide transportation to and from school.

    DAEP students may not participate in any campus event whether home or away

    • Student may be ticketed for trespassing should they be on campus or attend a campus event

    Important Documents:

    DAEP Handbook

    Alternative Learning Center Safety Procedures