•  Santa Fe ISD Indian Stadium Scoreboard Advertising

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    Click Here to Download the Information about advertising on the SFISD Scoreboard.


    FAQs about advertising on the Indian Stadium scoreboard: 

    How many people will see my ad? The stadium holds 3,000 people. For 10 weeks in the Fall, there are jr. high games every Tuesday, sub-varsity games every Thursday, and varsity home games on Fridays. In the Spring, there are boys and girls soccer games, plus track & field events. All of these games attract families from Santa Fe, as well as the visitors from numerous surrounding communities.

    How long will my ad be on the screen at each event? Your ad will remain on the screen for 30 seconds, and that will happen about 20 times during each event. Because the lay-out of the screen changes for each sport, the dimensions of your ad may change slightly during the year.

    Is there an option to play a video commercial? Yes, we have ten 15-30-second video commercial spots available at $1,000 each. Your commercial will be played at least twice per stadium event during the entire school year.

    What kind of file do I need to provide? You will need a high resolution graphic in a JPEG, PNG or MP4 format. The ad will be 222 pixels wide x 149 pixels tall. Big and simple will be easier for spectators to see.

    Can I change my graphic for each game? You are allowed to change your graphic once during the school year, with no additional cost. Please allow 4 business days for the change to be implemented.

    Will my ad be on the scoreboard during an entire school year? Yes! Your ad will be seen at all football games, soccer games, & track & field events that take place at the stadium.

    How does SFISD use the revenue from selling ads on this scoreboard? For our students! Proceeds from the scoreboard will support SFISD classrooms.

    Where can I find schedules of events at the stadium? Visit www.santafeindians.org

    What is the “Scrolling Personal Messages” Option? This area is for non-commercial messages such as wishing someone a happy birthday, anniversary, or to say how proud you are of your student. For more information and the reservation form, click HERE