• Distribution of Flyers to Go Home with Students

    Occasionally, outside, non-profit organizations are allowed to distribute flyers to go home with our students. These are limited to information the district believes will benefit our students.

    Before distribution, flyers must be approved according to the following procedure:


    1. Ask the person requesting to distribute a flyer to students to submit a copy to the receptionist Tammie Graem at the SFISD Cowan Education Center (Administration Building). This can be done via email (tammie.graem@sfisd.org) or hard copy, and it must be accompanied by their contact information.
    2. Flyer must be presented with all information that will be on the final copy.
    3. The flyer is sent to the Director of Human Resources/Public Relations (or their designee) for approval.
    4. The flyer may not be from a for-profit business requesting a fee for a product or service, except as stated in this procedure regarding rewards and incentives.
    5. If the Director of Human Resources/Public Relations approves the flyer, then he/she will initial the flyer and write approved on it.
    6. The flyer is then scanned to the coordinators at each campus so that they will be aware of which flyers have been approved by the Director of Human Resources/Public Relations in this form.
    7. A call/email is made to the distributor of the flyer letting them know that the “approved/initialed” copy is ready to be picked up.
    8. The distributor is responsible for making all copies. (No alterations of the flyer will be accepted! All copies must have the Director of Human Resources/Public Relations initials and approval written on them.)
    9. The distributor can then deliver the copies to each campus office for distribution.
    10. A copy of the approved flyer is kept in a notebook for future reference.


    Non-Approved Flyers


    1. If the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources does not approve a flyer, a copy is made with the reason for refusal, and is filed for future reference.
    2. The Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, or designee, will communicate with the originator of the flyer.
    3. Any flyer from a profit organization requesting a fee for a product or a service will not be approved for distribution on district property. However, it is possible for the for-profit organization to pay for advertisement through the district’s Education Partner Program. The business should contact Gina Welsh at 409-925-9080 for more information.



    The District appreciates the support of outside vendors who provide items of value for students who have successfully completed various District requirements (ie, perfect attendance, honor roll, etc). The District will allow distribution of such items of support of District initiatives and requirements to the extent items of value are offered for students as awards or incentives for completion/participation in legitimate District incentives, activities, or requirements and all other policy requirements are met. Whether a distribution meets such criteria will be determined in the sole discretion of the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources or designee. The District will not otherwise allow distribution of any advertisement of a non-district related event, organization, or business except in accordance with non-school material distribution policies and procedures.

    More information about Santa Fe ISD policy regarding the distribution of non-school literature can be found in the Board Policy Manual in sections GKDA (Legal), GKDA (Local), FNAA (Legal), and FNAA (Local).


    Non Profit Flyer Distribution Form

    For Profit Flyer Posting Form