• Print Shop Order Procedures

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    General procedures for Print Shop Order Requests

    • Requests without an account code will NOT be accepted for any district orders. All personal orders over $10.00 require payment prior to the job being completed. If a request is made without a code an email will be sent to the employee that made the original request explaining procedures. The job will be completed once an account code is given or payment is made (unless you have a pre-approved house account).
    • If there is too much volume, the business office (CFO, Finance Manager) needs to be notified in time to get additional manpower.
    • Equipment should not be removed from the print shop area.
    • If black/white or color is not specified, black/white will be used. 
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    • All job requests must be entered into Eduphoria in a timely manner.  For help on submitting the request, see Eduphoria Submission Instructions.
    • Give complete instructions. Jobs will be processed according to the instructions given on the request. If the instructions are incomplete, the form will be returned to you, causing further delay.
    • Plan ahead. Allow at least two (2) business days for each job to be processed once fully approved in Eduphoria. If the request is large please allow for a three to four day (3-4) processing time if needed
  • personal


    • Click here to submit a Personal Order Request
    • Personal orders must be entered in a timely manner.  Please allow at least three (3) - five (5) business days in advance from completion date.
    • Orders will not be released until the full payment is received. Also, orders will not be sent through inter-office mail unless payment has been received.