• Clinical Teaching

    Santa Fe ISD welcomes the opportunity to help grow and nurture pre-service teachers through partnerships with colleges, universities and teacher preparation programs.

    1.  Applications are made through your college, university or teacher preparation program the semester prior to your clinical teaching. Your program director/supervisor must contact:

                    Deani Quick, Professional Development School and Mentor Supervisor

                    Email: deani.quick@sfisd.org

                    Office: 409-925-9036

     2.  Be sure to include student name, certification areas, grade level preferences and beginning and end dates of placement.


    3.  Once you are accepted, you will be contacted with your designated campus and cooperating teacher via email. Do not contact the campus principal or teachers.


    4.  An orientation will be set up for you to complete all necessary paperwork. The orientation will be held at the:

                    Elizabeth Yaws Cowan Education Support Center

                   4133 Warpath

                   Santa Fe, TX 77510

     5.  Once all paperwork is completed, you will receive an email with information for your FAST pass (digital fingerprinting). It is the clinical teacher’s responsibility to schedule the fingerprint appointment.


    6.  All steps must be completed a minimum of one week before starting on the campus.