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    Jump-start your future with Collegiate High School. CHS can help you begin as a junior at an upper-level university after high school graduation, while others begin college as freshmen.

    CHS students are full-time college students, which is how they differ from traditional dual-credit students. All classes are held on the COM campus, but CHS students may return to their high school for extracurricular activities. Most classes are college-level courses that simultaneously count toward high school and college degree requirements. Plus, COM waives 40 percent of tuition and fees for CHS students. Gaining the best of both worlds, students graduate with their fellow high school classmates.


    What is Collegiate High School (CHS)?

    CHS is a full-time program at College of the Mainland where students earn an associate degree while simultaneously completing a high school diploma. Enjoying the best of both worlds, Collegiate High School students attend all classes at COM while still participating in extracurricular activities at their current high school. Plus, CHS students have access to all COM student resources, events, and activities.

    Students entering this program are considered college students. High school procedures will not be followed in the college classes, and college professors follow their own grading and attendance procedures. Professors do not send progress reports and other parental notifications home. Students must be mature and self-motivated to be successful.

    Santa Fe High School Guidelines

    To participate in this program, students must do the following:

    • Freshman Year- Take AP Human Geography and one other Pre-AP class
    • Sophomore Year- Take PSYC 1300 (Psychology for Success) and PSYC 2301 (Psychology), along with HIST 1301 & 1302 (American/U.S. History); students will be required to take US History STAAR

    To be approved to CHS their junior year, students must meet the following criteria:

    • Have a G.P.A. of 3.0 or higher
    • Have passed the English I, Algebra, Biology, English II, and USH STAAR exams
    • Have a 90% attendance rate from the previous and present semesters
    • Be successful on the TSI exam
    • Apply to CHS by the application deadline set forth by SFHS (includes recommendation letters and all other necessary documentation)
    • Complete interview process with COM

    Students must maintain the following to continue in the CHS program, or they will be required to return to SFHS, where there are support systems designed for high school students:

    • Have a G.P.A. of 3.0 or higher (No exceptions for Advanced Academic classes or dual credit grades.)
    • Pass all CHS classes
    • Not drop more than 1 class
    • Have a 90% attendance rate with CHS
    • Be on a path for an Associate’s Degree

    Related Costs:

    Collegiate High School is not a free program, so students will incur expenses similar to the expenses related to other programs, clubs, and activities.

    • Annual Program Fee: $675/student; $270 for students who qualify for free/reduced lunch
    • COM Tuition & Fees: amount varies based on the college courses taken and the fee schedule. COM waives 40% of tuition and non-refundable fees charged to adult students. COM’s fee schedule is posted on the website:
    • Transportation to COM each day
    • Meals (no access to free/reduced lunch meals)


    Download the presentation from our latest meeting:

     August 2, 2022 Parent/Student Meeting Presentation

    Contact your counselor or one of the following:


    District Level Guidelines

    Renea Dillon

    Executive Director of CTE

    High School Application Process

    Mercedes Filoteo


    COM-Collegiate HS Guidelines

    Sandi Belcher

    Director of CHS