• Santa Fe ISD provides numerous opportunities to prepare students to achieve and succeed. The Curriculum and Instruction Department in collaboration with the Instructional Support Department and Counselors help to foster an atmosphere of post-secondary readiness and life-long learning. The goal of all SFISD Alternative Programs is to create a: 


    Self-Directed Learner, a

    Focused and Effective Communicator, an

    Innovative Problem Solver, a

    Service-Oriented Citizen, and one that is

    Dedicated to Excellence


    Alternative Programs:

    Credit Recovery

    Santa Fe High School offers a computer-assisted credit recovery program. Through this program, high school students may earn credits in classes that they have taken and failed. Students who are interested in utilizing this option to recover credit should speak with their counselor. Not all subjects are available in this computer-assisted format.

    Credit Recovery courses taken as a graduation requirement will count toward academic UIL “No Pass/No Play” and maintain the same eligibility calendar provided by SFISD. Therefore, students in extra-curricular activities that involve “No Pass/No Play” will not be enrolled in Credit Recovery courses during that season.

    Indian Success Academy (ISA)

    Santa Fe High School offers a computer lab for online courses located at the Alternative Learning Center. High school students may utilize Indian Success Academy to recover credits if their schedule permits. Indian Success Academy is available for those students who need a non-traditional high school setting. Students who are interested should speak with their counselor for an ISA application. Counselors will be required to complete a transcript evaluation and the student placement rubric prior to making a decision. 

    ISA Student Handbook

    Drop-Out Recovery

    Santa Fe ISD offers a flexible online program that allows students to progress at their own speed in order to complete graduation requirements. A transcript evaluation and a review of the student’s state assessment progress is required prior to making a decision. If you are interested in the Drop-Out Recovery program, please contact the Santa Fe High School counselors. 

    Disciplinary Alternative Educational Placement (DAEP)

    DAEP is housed at the Alternative Learning Center. Students may be assigned between 15 and 45 days at DAEP as a result of disciplinary action due to a violation of the SFISD Student Code of Conduct

    DAEP Student Handbook